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Birds have baths - why not the critters that live on the ground?  Many of our wildlife friends that live on the ground have trouble reaching water in the bird baths and you know how hot summers are in the Carolinas!  New Leaf Wildlife wants to make sure all our wildlife has access to water!  The Critter Spritzers are handmade ground baths/watering bowls.  Made of concrete from elephant ear leaves, these Critter Spritzers are painted with non-toxic paints and food-grade waterproof sealer.  These are limited because of the elephant ear plants being seasonal.  See what is available below!

Critter Spritzer.png

The Process

100% of the proceeds will go toward the necessary food, medicine, and veterinary costs for all wildlife in our care.


At this time we will not be shipping, local pick-ups in Concord NC only.


Thank you for helping a wildlife friend!  We could not do this without you!

Please email to order.  Please specify the item you are wishing to purchase.  We accept PayPal and Venmo for payment options.  First come, first serve!

They range in size from 20" - 30" long.  Each leaf is unique.  Custom colors can be requested based upon stock.  Please email us to see what is available.



Item #005

X - Large size: 



leaf silver blue.jpg

Item #007

Large size: 

Blue and Silver


leaf black and gold.jpg

Item #010

Medium size: 

Black and Gold


leaf brown.jpg

Item #008

X - Large size: 



olive green.jpg


Item #011

Large size: 

Olive and Green


leaf rust.jpg

Item #006

Small size: 

Rust  and Gold


leaf brown green.jpg
leaf brown blue.jpg

Item #009

Large size: 

Brown and Green



Item #012

Large size: 

Brown and Blue


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