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Am I really orphaned? Chipmunk

As with any wildlife, a chipmunk should be rescued if it:

  • Has been found by a cat, dog, or other predator;

  • Has any injury;

  • Has bugs or fly eggs on it (these look like sawdust);

  • Allows someone to pick it up or is lying on its side;

  • Is very thin or weak.

If the baby chipmunk is consistently out of the burrow, is easy to catch, if there is no sign of mom, and/or if it is extremely thin, likely it needs help. If you think mom is still around, it is worth trying to reunite, even if you have touched the animal, mom will take it back if she can help, she may come and then leave, but come back for it in a few hours. To reunite, leave the baby in the exact spot where found (mom won't know to go look anywhere else), you can place a hot water bottle (wrapped in a towel) under it for warmth. (Do not cover the animal with any materials; leave in plain view, otherwise mom won't be able to find it). Monitor from inside. Try only during daylight.  If after several hours mom does not at least come to see the chipmunk then it needs help.

What do I do next?

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