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If you have both passion and compassion for our native wildlife, you may be thinking about learning to rehabilitate orphaned or injured animals.  With more and more human encroachment into wildlife habitat, there is a great need for well-trained, caring rehabilitators.


But wildlife rehab is not for everyone.  It requires a great commitment of your time and space in your home.  It will also impact everyone who shares your home.  You will have to adjust your schedule to meet the animals’ needs. You will find that not all animals are easy to work with.  They may be messy and/or smelly.  You will need to learn to deal with parasites and ugly wounds.  And, sadly, you will have to make decisions about when to end an animal’s suffering.


New Leaf Wildlife Rehab will be accepting applications for Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation apprenticeships in 2021.  Stay tuned! 

New Leaf members can attest to the fulfillment and joy of saving wildlife.  Taking in a helpless animal in dire need, treating its injuries, providing quality nutrition and housing, and watching it return to the wild is one of the most rewarding things one can do.  We hope you will be able to share in that amazing experience!

I want to become a wildlife rehabilitator

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