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New Leaf Wildlife Rehab is an ALL volunteer organization dedicated to helping our local wildlife.  We are all licensed and do this from our homes.  We need your help to feed, house, and medicate our wildlife in need.  Please consider a monetary donation through PAYPAL here or buy something from our Amazon Wishlist here.  Either way we thank you for your support!!

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Please copy the above SPREAD THE WORD picture and share on your social media, share with all of your friends.  Help us get started.  The more people we reach, the more animals we help!  Thank you!



The Charlotte area is expanding rapidly and appropriate release sites that will provide the resources our recovered wild patients need to survive are difficult to find, but you can help!

New Leaf Wildlife is always looking for safe places to release hand-raised orphaned Cottontails, Raccoons, Opossums, Gray Squirrels.  These release sites need to be private land that is under your control and you must be willing to allow us to conduct a site visit to determine which species are appropriate for your area.

Each species requires a slightly different habitat so release sites are chosen to meet species-specific needs for vegetation and terrain and that have year-round water and food sources.  For example:  Raccoons and Opossums need mature deciduous woods with water nearby, preferably with lots of oaks, nut bearing trees.  Gray squirrels will require same and a suburban area may be suitable.

Certified Release Site Application

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